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Trabajos de Geología journal

The journal Trabajos de Geología is a yearly publication whose objective is publishing those works and research of quality about any Geology topic, to allow the diffusion of local data such as geological maps, geochemical analyses, etc.

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Spanish, English, French


Josep Poblet Esplugas

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Published since 1967, in the past the main objective of the journal Trabajos de Geología responded essentially to the diffusion of research works about the geology of Northwest Iberia and the outreach of the research done at the Geology Department of the University of Oviedo (Spain), however, the journal is now focused on the publication of all those quality works about any field of Geosciences.

The increasing competition in scientific research demands from researchers to elaborate articles that can be accepted by international journals with a high impact factor where mainly general models are accepted in order to catch a broad audience. In this way, many punctual data used for the elaboration of the article are never published. In the specific case of regional geology, for instance, this situation brings us to loose a large amount of local data in all branches of the geological sciences. However, these data are essential for the progress of knowledge. Trabajos de Geología does not pretend to compete with international scientific journals, but to recover all the documents and information that being essential for an article are never published along with it.

On the other hand, MSc Thesis, or research pieces done by PhD students are sometimes the source of an article but many times are archived in our library without a proper diffusion. Trabajos de Geología vows for being a vehicle to publish these works and train junior researchers in the elaboration of scientific articles.

According to these premises, Trabajos de Geología will accept original articles about all aspects of Geological Sciences. Articles previously published in other journals will not be accepted. Manuscripts will be published in English, Spanish and French.


Instructions for authors

The deadline for the next issue expires on October 27th. It is strongly recommended to read carefully the rules for submission of articles here explained. Manuscripts received after the deadline will not be considered for publication in the next volume but the following one.

Articles should not exceed 20 printed pages, including tables, figures etc. (1 printed page = 3 A4 pages double spacing with a font type Geneva 12, Times 14 or similar). Depending of the interest of the article, larger articles may be considered for publication. Submitted manuscripts will be revised by two or more referees to ensure their scientific quality.

Manuscripts in English, French or Spanish are accepted.

Manuscripts and figures should be submitted to Dr. Josep Poblet. Authors must include a cover letter explaining how the manuscript is original or innovative and stating that it contains data, results or ideas that have not been previously published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Authors will receive 1 pdf file free of cost of each published article.


Rules for submission of articles


Manuscripts will be organized in the classical way for scientific articles (see any of the articles in the last volume of Trabajos de Geología): Title (including: title of the article, name and surname of the author(s), address and professional affiliation), Abstract (maximum 100 words explaining the main topic of the article and its scientific interest), Keywords (at least five to identify the contents of the article), Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Captions of Figures and Tables (apart from the text), and Figures and Tables (apart from the text)

Once manuscripts are accepted for publication, they will be printed in one face of the A4 paper with double spacing and wide margin at one the sides. Author(s) should indicate in the margin where figures and tables will be positioned. Headings will be ordered in three types: Bold minor (aligned to the left and separated from the text), Italic minor (aligned to the left and separated from the text) and Italic minor (aligned to the left with following text preceded by one or two dots). The Heading: Introduction must be omitted.

References within the text must include the author and the year of publication. If there are two authors, names should be connected by and. If there are more than two authors the first one will be cited following et al. (for instance: Denaeyer, 1951; Gutiérrez-Elorza and Peña, 1975; Pérez-González et al., 1971;) At the end of the manuscript references will be ordered alphabetically following the following format:

  • Esteban, M and Klappa, C. F. (1983): Subaerial exposure environment. In: Carbonate depositional environments (P. A. Scholle, D. G. Bubout and C. H. Moore, Eds.), Amer. Assoc. Petrol. Geol. Mem., 33: 1-54.
  • Doblas, M. (1988): SC deformed granitoids in the San Vicente Range ( Central Spain ). Rev. Soc. Geol. España, 1: 25-35.
  • Didier, J. (1973): Granites and their enclaves, Elsevier, Amsterdam . Dev. in Petrology, 3: 393 p.

In order to unify cites of different journals and monographs we suggest to use the list of abbreviations recommended by the issue no. 5 of the journal: Geogaceta edited by the Sociedad Geológica de España (SGE). Please, avoid the use of footnotes within the manuscript.


All figures must be designed to fit in the journal with a final width of 8, 12 or 16.5 cm. The maximum size for a printed figure will be 22.5 x 16.5 cm (note that the figure caption will be included in this size). Exceptionally, fold-outs will be accepted (long cross-sections, seismic profiles, etc.). Each figure should be sent in an independent page, numbered and ordered with the author(s) name(s) and figure number at the back. It is recommended that the figures include the legend and symbols.
Sketches and drawings should be sent as high quality photocopies. Lines should be clear and black. Final text size should be 2 mm.

Photographs should be of high quality and may be grouped as a unique figure with a final size of 25.1 x 16.8 cm. Recommended size for text within photographs is 3 mm.

Figures and photographs should always be accompanied of a graphic scale.

Colour figures are accepted for publication.

For figure design we recommend to follow the guidelines that can be found in the journal: Geology (vol. 25, no. 1, year 1997) edited by the Geological Society of America (GSA).


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