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The department

The Department of Geology is the educational and investigative unit responsible for the imparting geological studies offered by the University of Oviedo, as well as of the scientific activity in the geological area. At present, there are assigned to the same one 53 teachers, 20 PhD students and 9 members of administrative services.

The Department of Geology is integrated by six Areas of Knowledge:

In the Department of Geology there is carried out an intense investigative and educational activity, which results show themselves in the page of "investigation".

Our dependencies are located in the Faculty of Geology (Llamaquique Campus, Oviedo). In the same one, we have a few privileged educational and scientific facilities, as well as a scientific equipment of last generation.

Dependencies and laboratories of the Department of Geology:

  • Seminars
  • Teaching laboratories.
  • Micropaleontology laboratory
  • Geochemistry laboratory
  • Microscopy laboratory
  • Soil Mechanics laboratory
  • Rock Mechanics laboratory
  • Sample preparation laboratory
  • Laboratory with different cutting saws, trimmers, grinding machines, saws and grinders geological samples for thin, combi ovens and muffle
  • Crushing samples laboratory
  • Mineral separation laboratory
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Administrative office
  • Library
  • Sample repository
  • Museum of Geology



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