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Álvarez Lloret, Pedro

Profesor Titular
+34 98 510 3098
Despacho 7-4
Personal web page:

Areas of interest:

  • Biomineralización en huesos y dientes
  • Reemplazamiento mineral a baja temperatura
  • Toxicología ambiental
  • Mineralogía de fosfatos y carbonatos
  • Técnicas avanzadas de difracción de rayos X


  • Enrich-Essvein, T., Benavides-Reyes, C., Álvarez-Lloret, P., Rodríguez-Navarro, A.B., González-López, S. (2021) Influence of de-remineralization process on chemical, microstructural, and mechanical properties of humane and bovine dentin. Clinical Oral Investigation
  • Monasterio-Guillot, L., Alvarez-Lloret, P., Ibañez Velasco, A., Fernandez-Martinez, A., Ruiz Agudo, E., Rodriguez-Navarro, C. (2020) CO2 sequestration and simultaneous zeolite production by carbonation of Coal Fly Ash: impact on the trapping of toxic elements. Journal of CO2 Utilization 40, 101263
  • Bolaños-Carmona V., Benavides-Reyes C., González-Rodríguez M.P., González-López, S., Álvarez-Lloret, P. (2020) Influence of spectroscopic techniques in the estimation of the degree of conversion of bulk-fill composites. Operative dentistry 45-1, 92-103
  • Di Tommaso, D., Zhang, X. Alvarez-Lloret, P., Chass G. (2019). Interatomic Potentials of Mg ions in Aqueous Solutions: Structure and Dehydration Kinetics. European Journal of Mineralogy 31, 289-299
  • Álvarez-Lloret P., Fernández J.M., Molinuevo M.S., Lino A.B., Ferretti J.L., Capozza R.F., Cortizo A.M., McCarthy A.D. (2018). Multi-scale approach for the evaluation of bone mineralization in strontium ranelate-treated diabetic rats. Biological Trace Element Research, In press
  • Ruiz-Agudo C., Alvarez-Lloret P., Di Lorenzo, F., Gebauer D., Putnis C.V. (2019). Barite cohesive layers formed on (010) gypsum surface by a pseudomorphic replacement. European Journal of Mineralogy31, 275-285
  • Álvarez-Lloret, P., Ming Lee, C., Conti, M.I, Terrizzi, A.R., González-López, S., Martínez, M.P (2017) Effects of chronic lead exposure on bone mineral properties in femurs of growing rats. Toxicology 377, 64-72
  • Ruiz-Agudo, E., Álvarez-Lloret, P., Ibañez-Velasco A., Ortega-Huertas M. (2016) Crystallographic Control in the Replacement of Calcite by Calcium Sulfates. Crystal Growth & Design 16 (9), 4950-4959
  • Rodriguez-Navarro A.B., McCormack, H.M., Fleming, R.H., Alvarez-Lloret, P., Romero-Pastor, J., Dominguez-Gasca, N., Prozorov,T., Dunn, I.C. (2018) Influence of physical activity on tibial bone material properties in laying hens. Journal of Structural Biology 201, 36-45
  • González-López, S., Torres-Rodríguez, C., Bolaños-Carmona, V., Sanchez-Sanchez, P., Rodríguez-Navarro, A.B., Álvarez-Lloret, P., Domingo Garcia, M. (2016). Effect of 30 % hydrogen peroxide on mineral chemical composition and surface morphology of bovine enamel. Odontology, 104 (1), 44-52




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